Vintage Gold and Silver Pandas Available

Why invest in Chinese Pandas

Chinese Panda coins continue to appreciate in value at a significant rate over the gold and silver spot metals prices. For example, the 2009 silver Chinese Panda coin is already trading at over 300% above the market silver price. One ounce gold Pandas regularly trade at 25 - 35% above the gold Price.

In 2016, the Chinese Mint started producing Chinese Panda coins is gram denominations instead of in ounces. This change in production has increased the value of ounce denomination Pandas considerably.

Both current year and back year Chinese Panda coins continue to be a good investment for precious metals enthusiasts who are interested in a product that will continue to appreciate regardless of the spot market prices.

Compare the price of gold to the value of Pandas

If you are interested in investing in gold or silver, but worry about the volatility of the spot market prices, consider investing in Chinese Panda coins. The value of Chinese Pandas continues to appreciate regardless of the gold market price.

Source : Suisse Gold Vintage Chinese Pandas

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